Monday, 8 February 2010

I'm soo bad :(

Its my bestfriends birthday rapidly approaching and i only have one thing for her so far, my funds are pretty limited right now so i've been saving, but today i popped into Boots for a quick browse *sigh, it's never just a quick browse is it* I only bought 2 things which really isn't bad, i just propably didn't need them ahah, anywayy

The first thing i bought i couldn't resist at all, i think its really good value for what you get. Mister mascaras full lashes kit, was £9.50 and you get two sets of lashes, a little pair of tweezers and glue, obviously. one pair of the lashes is really full and black, night out lashes, while the second pair are more subtle and wearable for the day. I also think the tweezers are adorable.

Soap and Glory were having a bit of a sale, and i noticed a new product, it sexy mother pucker, but XL, extreme plump. It says "Caution: New sexy mother pucker tryers should finish a couple of tubes of our original strengh smp plumpers before going to extremes' this made me smile. It definately works a lot faster than the normal smps and your lips stay tinglier for longer. This formula in my opinion is definately an improvement, its not as thick and doesn't feel as plasticy. I'm trying to post this pretty quickly so i'll maybe do another post just reviewing this lipgloss. Oh and this was £6.66 down from £10.00

All in all, not too bad, at least now i'll have some sexy lashes and full pouty lips for when we go out to celebrate her birthday, lol.


Monday, 1 February 2010


So, I know i haven't posted in foreverrr! *slaps wrist* I'm going to try and start blogging again I just need to get in the right mood, anyway Sarah- I heart cosmetics is having the most amazing giveaway i had to enter, and so do you! what are you waiting for, go go go!