Monday, 31 August 2009

Ins and outs


-Doing well in my results and getting extremly messy afterwards
-Starting college on friday :D
-Unexpededly getting money
-Shopping tomorrow with my bestieeee


-Having to wake up early again on friday after 10 weeks off
-Leaving behind all my friends, bar one, who is going to the same college as me
-Leaving behind my best friend :(
-Always spending my money as soon as i get it

Now going to bore you with some picturess of the people i'm going to miss the most :(

[don't think, just because boys can do piggybacks with 2 people, that girls can :(]


[my 2 becca's]

[gonna miss eversingle one of these stunners :(]

Sunday, 30 August 2009

L'Oreal studio secrets review

anti-redness primer

I've never had a product even similar to this, and it was at an introductory offer so i got it. The formulation is like a liquid foundation, and i wasn't sure which method was the best way to apply it, so i went with small dabs on my red patches and patted it into the skin with my fingers. It does work, but not to a great extent, it did make my skin less red, but only slightly but it made my skin look really dull and it made my skin tone look really odd. Paying £10 though for a product that kinda works seems silly to me, i don't regret buying it but i know I'm not going to get tonnes of use out of it, a plus is that you do get a lot of product, well 20ml, it seems like a lot in the tub. I've not had this product for too long, so i will persevere and try and figure it out but so far i am underwhelmed.

Smoothing resurfacing primer

I LOVE THIS! I've been babbling about this product to anyone who will listen, i am so impressed. I've made a size able dent in mine already and i know for sure i will be repurchasing. Many people have commented on how they find the texture really odd, and it is different but i really like it, its really thick and creamy, but once on the skin it just makes your whole face feel lovely and silky. You don't need a lot, it spreads really well and it works! I get really bad breakouts on my forehead all the time, and this really helps in the process of hiding that, my friend commented that you could hardly see the spots, and there were a lot..maybe she was lying :) By far the best primer I've ever tried, its a staple product for me now.

Have you tried any of the studio secrets range? What do you think?

Sarah xxxx

Saturday, 29 August 2009

pure lust

Charlotte Olympia
Carmen suede platform wedges

someone pleeeaassseee give me £555 so i can get these beauties! My heart sped up when i saw them :) so gorgeous. What do you think?

urban decay

So i got my results on thursday (2 A's, 7 B's and 3 C's ) and i did a lot better thani thought i did haha, my mum took me to town and i mainly got a lot of clothes for college, but because i'm tool azy to take pictures of all that, i'm only showing you the makeup i got, its from urban decay and I LOVE IT! literally love every single colour and will use them a lott.

Its also really pretty :)

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

tag- the list

couldn't resist doing this ;)

1. Robert Pattinson

I know some people find him repulsive, but i think he is gorgeous! I turn into a bit of a fangirl, i even have 2 posters of him in my room aah. Anything twilight related is kind of my guilty pleasure

2. Kellan Lutz

Might aswell involve the whole lot of the twilighters hehe, i normally prefer skinny boys but look at that body!

3. George Craig

Not only does he play guitar and sing (one night only) but he's a burberry model! I also have a major thing for boys hair, and his is lovely.

4. Adam Brody

just from the O.C. mmmmm

5. Jackson Rathbone

Cause he has a lovely accent, and plays music aswell.

6. Rupert Grint

always had a bit of a thing for gingers, i always get laughed at for this one but hey! its my list.

Well anyway, thats mine, i enjoyed doing it even if it made me feel like a tween ahah. Other people do it so i can see your list! xxxxx

Monday, 24 August 2009


So i went into town today with £25 in my hand, on the hunt for a gel eyeliner, did i find one? No. Did i spend all my money? Yes! i'l just have to put off that hunt for a while and save up for a mac one like i suspected i might have too. Annywaayy, i aways find it amazing when you go shopping in the week. I was in town by about 10:15 i think, and i went into primark and it looked pristine! No clothes on the floor, not hundreds of girls trawelling through the racks. I didn't go into look at the clothes though, i thought i'd have a quick look at there makeup (its cheap and not completely rubbish!) and they have a new line in i guess thats inspired by Roy Lichtenstein, all pop arty. Takes me back to my art prep work :'). Annyywhoo at a pound a piece i thought why not just get something, i got an eyeshadow and a gel eyeliner, i did swatches, not brilliant but then i knew it wouldn't be soo...but the 'Trust dust' in Lily has the weirdessssst application, well its not weird but i don't like it at all, give me a simple pot and i am happy. Its a pearly white, but everytime you put the application want back in a waft of the eyeshadow goes everywhere, i may depot it into a pot..The eyeliner is mediocre as well but its another colour i didn't have so i don't mind. I know i'v said in previous posts how i prefer superdrug over boots, but i decided today i would look in boots..and i hated it. My best friend works there and i worked there briefly and she'd probably shoot me if she read this, but i just cannot stay longer than 5 minutes in there. So off i went to superdrug too look for the eyeliner, there wasn't one so i got the L'oreal studio secrets anti- redness primer at £8, £2 off at intraductory offer. Now me being my ocd self wanted to make sure i spent a full £10 not just spend the £8 so i got a collection 2000 eyeliner in purple passion 29. Then again, i ended up spending £22 cause i finnaaaallllyy got the gosh brush i have looked at every single time i go in superdrugs, its annoying me that i cannot find the sleeve to tell you the name, but anyway thats it!

+ found the sleeve and the brush is the light weight duo fibre brush :)

sorry for boring you xxxxx

[just a swatch of the primer]

[the eyeliner in purple passion, foiled again liquid eyeliner and trust dust in lily]

[just so you can see the aplicator]

Saturday, 22 August 2009


so the blog i posted isn't relevant anymore, buttttttttttt instead of deleting it altogether i thought i'd express my happiness of getting my first 2 followers :D :D made me so happy this morning.

tell your friends ;)

Thursday, 20 August 2009


do you ever find that you buy something, that you don't need. the other week i bought the l'oreal primer thing i talked about below, when about 3 weeks before that, i bought eyeko face cream thing. I'm not saying they are even remotely similar when you compare them, but i could of made do with that, in all honestly, I've hardly used it. Another example is the mac mascara i bought about 3 weeks ago as well, then the day before yesterday i buy the telescopic one. Sometimes i just know that i shouldn't buy anything, thinking of all the money I'd be saving..but i just can't help myself.

:) little rant at myself xxx


This is bit of a haul from the past week or so, there are a few things missing, particularly my new glitter eyeliner i picked up from body shop that i fell in love with. The day after i got it i left it at my best friends house :( That was a week ago now, but she informs me she's used it and she thinks its an amazing product as well! Anywhooo, so yeah theres also a lot of facial products i got that i couldn't find when i took this picture but nevermiiind. So i went into my city centre with about £30 and an hour to do a quick shop. I find myself at the minute not even bothering going into Boots, but heading for super drug. I find its a lot quieter and you don't get interrupted every 5 minutes asking if your okay, not that i don't appreciate help if i asked but i enjoy looking on my own :) So in super drug i got the elite SMARTi gloss in banana. Now i hate bananas and i didn't bother looking at the name, i just fell in love with the colour, so imagine my distress when i got home and realised i wasn't going to be able to enjoy this product, but after trying it on i realised that the scent is not bad at all, i even enjoy it a bit, it reminds me of pineapples not bananas, so the other makeup item i got from super drug was l'oreals studio secrets professional, its a smoothing resurfacing primer and it was undoubteably the bargain of the day. I looked at it at the display for l'oreal and a really liked the texture of the product, but it was £12.99, so i walked away, but when i get to the reduced stock part, i found it was a £1! because there was some marks on the bottom! I snapped it up fast. I keep forgetting to use it but when i use it i think it does work, it does "feel resurfaced" (a quote from the add campaign for the product). I also got a cosmopolitan lip brush in debenhams for a couple of pounds. i am really enjoying all the sales at the minute! My sister also got me the two pairs of earrings from topshop as a random present, bless her! When i got home i realised my eyeslipsface stuff had arrived, i am so so so impressed with there shipping. I ordered the day before at about 11am ish and normally i expect to wait a few days at least. I only ordered 3 things from the studio range as I've never purchased from them before and the ranges been getting some really good reviews. I got an eyelash curler cause m old one broke a while ago and I've been meaning to get one for agesss. I also got the eyebrow kit and the blush and bronzer compact. I know its been said but the packaging really does resemble nars bronzers, and thats not a bad thing really is it. I've only really used the blush from the two cause my paleness sometimes just makes my face look dirty when i do use bronzer but i will give it a go eventually. With the brow kit i think its just gonna take me a while to get my technique down cause the times I've done it I've not been 100% satisfied.

Then yesterday i got abit makeup happy and went on abit of a spree, i got an Eco tools eyeliner brush and a blush brush which i am liking so far, also picked up some concealer and the telescopic mascara. Also got two collection 200o l'orealnail varnishes for £3 i think. I got BMXbandit and button moon. Is that not the best nail varnish name you've ever heard?!

[its looks blue, but its really a minty green]

[bmx bandit, its like a lilacy-purple ish]

I just realised this is quite a lot of rambling, sorry xxx.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

ofotd and reviews

Tried St.Moriz last night, when i pumped it out i was quite worried because it looked reaaally dark, i persevered and while it does look natural on my legs, there was some streaking but then again that was my first time fake tanning in a year so it might just be my technique. I washed my hands straight after doing each limb and it has darkened them slightly. I noticed no smell at all which is a big plus and it did try really quite fast. I don't think i will use it all the time but its good for adding some natural colouring. Also tried collection 2000s nail varnish, you definately need two coats, with one coat it was so thin. I tend to do quite thick coats so it did take a long time to dry which dissapointed me because its meant to be fast drying. The colour pay off is good though, and at £2, its a good purchase.

So i'm going out to meet some friends later, the weathers been quite wishy washy lately, so it might rain, but then it might be really hot. This makes dressing really quite hard but neverthe less here is my outfit of the day

The top is off my best friend and its from george and i'm wearing black leggings from tescos aswell. I like it :)

Monday, 10 August 2009

mini haul

So i popped out today for about an hour today 'cause i needed some blue tack, (random i know :')) turned out i spended more than i should off...this is what i got.

I am an avid lover of homebargains, i always get hair stuff, makeup wipes, makeup cleansers, that sort of stuff from there cause its really good value for money.When i was in there i thought i'd have a look and see if they had any of the St.Moriz instant tanning mousse that everyones been raving about and they did! Now i don't have a particulary good history with self tanning, i did it once last year with garnier ambre solaire and it turned out so bad i swore i'd never do it again, i'm also really pale and have a real fear of it turning orange, but many people had claimed how good it was so i thought i'd give it ago later.

Also nipped into superdrug to get some pressed powder from collection 2000, this is one of the only products that i repurchase again and again, its really cheap, like £2! and they actually make a shade pale enough for me, and when i go through powders quite fast it seems silly to spend £10+, anyway it was 3 for 2 so i bought two powders in 18- ivory and one of there new nail varnishes, i'v seen some reviews on one of the lilac coulours in the new collection but they didn't have it in so i got a grey, number 27- wham. It claims to be fast dry so we'll see how it goes :)

Sunday, 9 August 2009

body shop

So while reading lollipop26's blog the other day i saw that if you purchased instyle magazine you got two free eyeliners from bodyshop. I didn't think anyting of it for a few days and then i remebered that i adore bodyshop at the minute! I went in for the first time in absolutely ages last week when i was in cambridge and i was nearly drooling over the products (well not drooling but you get the idea) I'm currently feeling the lust for their foundation brushes, like a big kabuki brush, i currently own a baby kabuki brush but i might as well be using a pile of twigs incomparision to body shops one, it was so soft but i held back.

Plus it was £14.65 i didn't have. Also while in there i looked at the shimmer cubes, i'v been hearing really good things about these but at £15.65 aswell i feel like its a big investment for such a small looking product ( i know your probably thinking £15.65 for a quad is not a big investment, but when £5 is a big investment to me catch my drift) So i left empty handed, but with a few things added to my wish list, hopefully i will be making some purchases there soon but these two eyeliners will have to tide me over till then. I got the black and the blue and i'v only done some swatches but so far i am impressed, they seem really creamy and soft and will go on a treat. :)