Saturday, 19 December 2009


On Friday i broke up for Christmas, i decided to skip out early and do a bit of shopping. I went to check my bank balance expecting to find about £9 in there, imagine my surprise when i found £39, considering i don't have a job, this made me day. So i drew out £20 and trotted off to super drug. I didn't go mad but a few things caught my eye.

The first thing i got was some false lashes, I've never worn them my self but have used them on other people. I only bought a cheapy pair as a tester but this maybe the start of a new obsession, this pair were £3.20.

My next stop was sleek, and I'm looking forward to the little bits I'm getting from Christmas but they had a new limited edition product and i cannot resist them so i picked it up. Its called 'all that glitters' and in the tub it looks gorgeous, however in reality its a bit off a let down, there were 3 colours, gold, silver and pink. But the pink one, the one i got is called cranberry and it comes out red so, anyway its like a creme eyeshadow, but its just glitter in a clear gel really.

As i was about t go pay this nail varnish caught my eye, I've never bought nail varnishes from gosh but i couldn't resist it. The glitter strips are rectangle shape and its in like a clear/grayish polish. It reminds me of Christmas :)

Ooo i also picked up a lilac lipstick from Barry M but i might do a post about that itself. I'm off for Christmas now so there should be a few more decent posts than normal. I know this is a bit late and I've already said this on twitter but congratulations to visual aspects'87, Amber is such a cute little baby! so precious.

Sarah xxoxoo

Thursday, 17 December 2009


I love this girls makeup spoofs, i have no idea how she keeps a straight face

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Christmas idea's. I need your help!!

As December is now upon us, and i have not the foggiest of what I should get for christmas, i don't need anything major really so i'm just gonna order some makeup bits. This is where you come in! I need your suggestions of stuff that is a must in any collection. So if you could, that would be lovely :) xxxxx

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Hair History

Lately, whenever i bump into the people i havn't seen in a couple months i keep getting "wow your hairs grown loads!" But the truth is, I'v been growing it since the the short haircut of '05 (i think, my year may be out) As a child i always had a bob (shudders) my mum thought i suited them...sooo anyway my hair grows really slowly so now i am going to show my hair history as best i can...

Soooo, my hairs about chin lengh here, yes i have blonde highlights...i try to forget this memory because i embarress myself. Ithiiiiink this was year 8, i'v been growing my hair since this haircut, i envy people whose hair grows fast.

This is 2 years later from the one above i believe, the highlights have grown out and this is all my natural colour, i havn't dyed my hair in over a year but my natural colour is no longer like this.

This was always referred to as the '<3heart shaped hair' cause it looked like a hair advert for some shampoo that was in the same shape as a heart...i miss this hair :( It looks dark brown but it was purply in real life
Around the same time as the one above, I want to say this was around 07/08 still not a lot of hair growth but still rocking the dark hair.

This is christmas of last year, i have black hair, I pretty much of had the same hair style for years, don't judge, it works for me. Its grown about an inch. This was the last time i dyed my hair, and the results were a bit dodgy as it grew out as.

This is from around May of this year, my hairs blending into my coat a bit but its reaching around the top of the boobs.

Andddd nowwwwwwww, my hairs such a mix of colours, dark brown, light browns, caramels, red, gingerr and light brown :)

I now realise, I am the most boring person in the world, oh dear. Whats your hair history?

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


The lovely Sarah (I heart cosmetics) is having a Christmas giveaway with some really nice go ahead and check it out! xxxxx

In other news, i left my vibrating mascara at my friends house and i feel lost without it. I now realise how much i truly love that mascara :(

Monday, 9 November 2009

This is stuff that i regret buying/stuff i was disappointed in....
Let me know the stuff you regretted buying, it always interest me haha xxx

firstlyyyy, bourjouis rouge hi-tech

Everything about this disappoints, the pigmentation's weak, streaky, didn't apply well. Blahh, i even tried loading this on to my sister and she didn't want it, and she never says no to free makeup haha!

GOSH mousse foundation thing on 01 ivory

me and mousse foundations have never got on, i find them drying and cakey and this one lives up to that. I got this in the palest shade available and it still quite dark in my opinion :/

mac dazzle lash. ifoph[iosh laaaaame. definitely not worth it..Look at that brush!! I hateee this

there are more things but the uploady thing is being annoying so I'll just leave it at this. What do you regret?

Sarah xxxxxx

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


So I've not done a proper blog in ages, and its not because I've been super busy because i haven't I just haven't had the inspiration to write anything :( So I'm gonna attempt a decent post nowww. Oh man! How much is this post strike blaggingggg?!?!??! I ordered coralista and dandelion by Benefit like 2 weeks ago and no sign at all. :(

Soooooooooo, these are my October favourites i guess :)

this is a blush I've had for ages, its cynthia rowley for avon and i just swirl my brush and it creates the nicest colour, i use this everydayy.

[excuse the dirty cotton bud ahah]
This is GOSH pressed powder in 02 So natural. I've always said that i think its a waste to spend about £10 on a powder when i just use it to set my foundation, however i bought this in an emergency situation and i love it! I find it lasts a hell of a lot longer than a cheaper powder and i dunno you can just tell the quality is better.

This is the lipstick right at the bottom from my mac set thing, i got this as a gift ages ago and i never used it cause i didn't really like the colours, but the other day i dragged it out and fell in love with 'Lady Fabulous' Its like a pinky purply and it just makes my lips look really good.

Next it the eyeshadow sellout from the urban decay book of shadows 2, this is such a pretty all over lid colour and i really like wearing it with heavy eyeliner on the lid, however i have found a dupe that is accessible for all you makeup savvys ;) alll you need is your sleek storm pallet!

If you use the 2 shadows poorly highlighted you'll be able to recreate this shadow, you may not agree but i think they are pretty similar....

This is the sleek dupe on the left and the original sellout on the right, not identical but hey ho

INNNN other newwsss, my l'oreal primer has finally run out, i am ready to begin on my shiny new one now but considering i used this baby everyday i am blown away with how long it lasted, well worth it.

[allllllllll gonee]

I'm pretty sure i have some other stuff to tell you ladies but I'll try and do another post soonnn,

Love you allll, Sarah xxxxx

Thursday, 15 October 2009


will you guys please follow my new twitter? :D


Friday, 9 October 2009


so i completely and utterly convinced myself that i wasn't going to buy maybellines pulse perfection mascara.....that went well. I bought 2 mascaras within 7 days, butt i reasoned the purchase with a) cheaper than the lancome version and b)it was a good addition to my collection and c) i might as well throw my review into the blogging world. Bit lame but those reasons worked on my judgement! :)

[ignore the awful quality D:]

So as of late, most of my mascaras have had plastic wands, but with the colossal it has a big brush, with none of that plastic comb type andd maaan i forgot how much i prefer this type of wand. (my mind has completely died and this is not coming out right, i can't find the right words :( ) It kinda reminds me of max factors false lash effect mascara, but i didn't like that much and gave it to my sister, i guess its also kind of similar to benefits bad gal but i didn't like that one much either, i definitely prefer this one over them 2, i find it makes my lashes look tonnes longer and i really love to add lots of coats and aah my lashes just look so long.

With the pulse perfection, i read that at first some people struggled to get the technique down, but i was like a duck in water! :') I find it really easy to use and (Oh! i remembered my other justification for the buy, i ran out of ...i can't remember now, but the green tubed mascara that's basically the same as this and i always liked that mascara) mm so yeah i generally use this in the morning cause i just think its dead fast to use and I'm always running late. If i ave time i like to use both of these together and it just makes my eye look KAPOWWWW, mannn alive, I've been really ill lately and this entire post makes no sense..i do realise ahaha.

I really struggled to get this review out, i think my brain has melted, but i am really liking both of these mascaras, i recommend both! The yellow one especially cause its only like £7 i think....

Sarah xxxx

++Oh and the 'green tubed' mascara i couldn't remember the name of is define-a-lash


Does anybody with the collection 2000 hot looks nail varnishes find that the formula has gone really bad? Its ridiculous I've not even had them long!

Gonnaaa do reviews soon of some stuff xxx

Saturday, 3 October 2009

how i store my makeup

soo, its saturday evening and i have nothing better to do so i am going to show where i store most of my makeup, i seem to be getting camera happy lately so theres quite a few pictures ahah

soooo, this is the 'station' ahha there should be a mirror above but i broke it :( This isn't everything but i'd say its the majority.

On the bottom layer, theres a massive tub of e45, a desperate housewives box set, a few makeup bags and then this big shoebox which hassss packaging, rollers, and then back ups, Note! got a backup l'oreal primer on wednesday. result.

And then, this is the middle layer, the right wire basket has face and hair stuff, like creams and wipes etc. The front basket on the left has face powders and eye quads and stuff, amd then the back basket has face stuff i never use, like the l'oreal anti redness primer and other foundations etc

The top is a lot less organised cause i don't really have enough space, the basket on the right is face and blushers which contains...

thisss pen divider holds lipglosses, balms, eyeliners, eye primers, and brushes i never use

andd then this cup holds brushes i use
This is nails, perfumes, lipsticks, foundation..mainly stuff i alwaysss use

then this sweet jar kinda thing holds eye shadows and pigments, i don't have many so its pretty empty :)

and then finally, this little box holds my mascaras, and behind it which you can't see is my urban decay pallete and my ted baker pallete, and then on top i keep sponges, cotton buds and pad things

Do this post and show me how you store your makeup!!

Sarah xxx

Saturday, 26 September 2009

haul, :)!

so i havn't been shopping at all in several weeks, and finally had the chance today. I didn't go into the city centre, just a town about 20 minutes away (st.annes) I needed some pictures printing and stuff for college, but also had moniesss for makeup :) :) When i walked into boots i actually sighed, thats how long its been. Its embarrasing how happy it made me just wandering around :') this is all stuff i got today, bar the nars which i ordered online during the week... be warned, theres a lot of pictures :)

[there are a few other bits and bobs but no ones interested in them]

my highlighting powder got to the stage where you couldn't get any product and i use it everyday and i wasn't sure whether to repurchase or try something different, but 3 for 2! why on earth not!

[you can see what was left and the new chocolatey shaped new one! mmmm]

aandd, i've been considering a new revlon blush for a while, and i used to use the bronzer when i was more tanned and caked it on a bit :| don't judge, anywho, the blushers seem to be a lot nicer formulation, more creamier i guess..

even i feel this is dragging on! I saw this foundation in superdrug, and it was £3!! yes £3! and it matches my skin tone perfectly! Its a glass bottle and everything, wow, value for money, andd then i couldn't decide whether to get this mascara, or the vibrating one, but then i thought, i probably wouldn't use it anyway, i like things simple. I alsooo finally got a chance to see the roll on foundation by l'oreal, and one of the shades mathched amazingly well, but it was sold out, I'm pretty glad actually cause for £15, there wasn't a lot of product, and i can't imagine it working too well.

this is just gosh vitamin booster nail varnish, and sally hansen quick dry topcoat, not much too say...

ANDD FINAALALYY just some hairspray, sponges and a hair clip, again not much to say :)

sarah xxxxx

ohmygodd!! I left off the thing i was most excited to try!!!!

This is an awful picture, butt i don't think i'v seen this before? maybe but its L'oreals renuewal lash serum 'intensive boost for a renewed lash look' I'v never seen anything else about this, has anyone tried it?

Saturday, 19 September 2009

so today me and my best friend woke up, slobbed about for a bit, and then decided to crack on with my photography project, here are a few of the results, enjoy :)

isn't she pretty! :) pretty proud of how her makeup turned out too.

Everything that was used :) xxxxx

-Mac studio fix fluid
-Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
-E.L.F contouring blush and brozer (didn't use the bronzer toughghhghg)
-YSL blushing powder (not sure what shade)
-Rimmer multi-tonal powder blush

-L'Oreal Paris extra volume collagen mascara
-No7 sensitive eyes mascara
-Max Factor false lash effect mascara
-Body shop eye definer shade black
-Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencils in zero
-GOSH velvet touch eyeliner in metallic brass
-Body shop sparkle eyeliner in 01
-Urban Decay Heavy metal glitter eye liner in spandex
- 3 pigments from opia, they don't have numbers/names :/

-Pink pigment from Opia
-Barry M dazzledust 98
-Random clear lipgloss
-Bourjois rouge hi-tech
-Barry M lipstick 101
-body shop sparkle eyeliner in 01

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

hellooooo xx

feel like i'm neglecting my blog, still reading everyone elsess thoughhh but i'v just been mad tired ALL the time lately cause of college :( so i guess i might do some in's and out's of this week to fill some time and make it seem like i'm not dead.


- Going to an 18th on Friday, for some much needed 'time to let my hair down' andd my best friends staying at mine for a much more needed catch up time!

- Carmex lip balm, the one in the little tub. I'v had it forver but never liked the way it made my lips feel, but i love it now! I just wish the tingle lasted longer.

- Law- pretty much loving that subject right now, my teacher is amazing.

-(also college related)Some of the friends i'v made :) Going to a no place basically knowing no one was really daunting, but some of the people there are amazing, the boys in my tutorial are amazing, they are like the older brothers i never had and they brighten up my day.

-trying to get my diet undercontrol, i love the feeling of being hungry and not stuffing my face with chocolate. overcome those cravings!


-my photography teacher is a bit of a sap, which means i don't look forward to the class as much butttt i'm basically doing my first project on beauty which means makeup, which is all good!

-my insomniacism meaning i don't get to sleep till late and then i oversleep by an hour, meaning i have 15 minutes to get ready instead of an hour or whatever, and then not getting in till half 5, normally.

-Missing my girlies :(

-Having a massive wish list of things i really reaaly reaaalllyy want to add to my collection but not having the funds for it :(

-Nice heels costing around £60 :(

thatss it i guesss. Love youus! xxxxxx

Monday, 7 September 2009


still need to do my haul thing from agess ago but i just wanted to show my outfit of the day cause i liked itt :) i loooooveee wearing my own clothes to college <3

dress from primark, hoodie (boys) from Pulp and socks newlook i think?
ignore the stuff getting in the wayyy

Saturday, 5 September 2009

tagged for this by emmas got the uglies <3

1. I started college on Friday, and it was amazing, except for i get to see the boy i don't want to see everyday on the bus ¬.¬

2. I spend time making it look like i havn't bothered with my hair at all, when in fact it takes ages.

3. I alwaaaaaaaays get talked to by strangers at bus stops, i must have a friendly face.

4. I'm a bit of an insomniac, takes me hours to fall asleep, and thats generally around 3am, and then i wake up naturally early :(

5. Youtube is how i got into blogging, love watching 'how to & style' videos.

6. I find it really hard to hold conversations with some people, when with others it comes so natually i'm never stuck for words.

7. My best friend is my rock. I think my life would fall apart without her.

8. I am so unhealthy, i eat sosososo much junk and do no excersise :(

9. I'll probably buy anything as long as its cute

10. umm..I babysit for a little girl called Olivia

i tag

viva la fashion
little pixie

aaaaaaand everyone else. New post/ haul/ update comingg sooooon xxxxx

Monday, 31 August 2009

Ins and outs


-Doing well in my results and getting extremly messy afterwards
-Starting college on friday :D
-Unexpededly getting money
-Shopping tomorrow with my bestieeee


-Having to wake up early again on friday after 10 weeks off
-Leaving behind all my friends, bar one, who is going to the same college as me
-Leaving behind my best friend :(
-Always spending my money as soon as i get it

Now going to bore you with some picturess of the people i'm going to miss the most :(

[don't think, just because boys can do piggybacks with 2 people, that girls can :(]


[my 2 becca's]

[gonna miss eversingle one of these stunners :(]