Monday, 8 February 2010

I'm soo bad :(

Its my bestfriends birthday rapidly approaching and i only have one thing for her so far, my funds are pretty limited right now so i've been saving, but today i popped into Boots for a quick browse *sigh, it's never just a quick browse is it* I only bought 2 things which really isn't bad, i just propably didn't need them ahah, anywayy

The first thing i bought i couldn't resist at all, i think its really good value for what you get. Mister mascaras full lashes kit, was £9.50 and you get two sets of lashes, a little pair of tweezers and glue, obviously. one pair of the lashes is really full and black, night out lashes, while the second pair are more subtle and wearable for the day. I also think the tweezers are adorable.

Soap and Glory were having a bit of a sale, and i noticed a new product, it sexy mother pucker, but XL, extreme plump. It says "Caution: New sexy mother pucker tryers should finish a couple of tubes of our original strengh smp plumpers before going to extremes' this made me smile. It definately works a lot faster than the normal smps and your lips stay tinglier for longer. This formula in my opinion is definately an improvement, its not as thick and doesn't feel as plasticy. I'm trying to post this pretty quickly so i'll maybe do another post just reviewing this lipgloss. Oh and this was £6.66 down from £10.00

All in all, not too bad, at least now i'll have some sexy lashes and full pouty lips for when we go out to celebrate her birthday, lol.


Monday, 1 February 2010


So, I know i haven't posted in foreverrr! *slaps wrist* I'm going to try and start blogging again I just need to get in the right mood, anyway Sarah- I heart cosmetics is having the most amazing giveaway i had to enter, and so do you! what are you waiting for, go go go!


Saturday, 19 December 2009


On Friday i broke up for Christmas, i decided to skip out early and do a bit of shopping. I went to check my bank balance expecting to find about £9 in there, imagine my surprise when i found £39, considering i don't have a job, this made me day. So i drew out £20 and trotted off to super drug. I didn't go mad but a few things caught my eye.

The first thing i got was some false lashes, I've never worn them my self but have used them on other people. I only bought a cheapy pair as a tester but this maybe the start of a new obsession, this pair were £3.20.

My next stop was sleek, and I'm looking forward to the little bits I'm getting from Christmas but they had a new limited edition product and i cannot resist them so i picked it up. Its called 'all that glitters' and in the tub it looks gorgeous, however in reality its a bit off a let down, there were 3 colours, gold, silver and pink. But the pink one, the one i got is called cranberry and it comes out red so, anyway its like a creme eyeshadow, but its just glitter in a clear gel really.

As i was about t go pay this nail varnish caught my eye, I've never bought nail varnishes from gosh but i couldn't resist it. The glitter strips are rectangle shape and its in like a clear/grayish polish. It reminds me of Christmas :)

Ooo i also picked up a lilac lipstick from Barry M but i might do a post about that itself. I'm off for Christmas now so there should be a few more decent posts than normal. I know this is a bit late and I've already said this on twitter but congratulations to visual aspects'87, Amber is such a cute little baby! so precious.

Sarah xxoxoo

Thursday, 17 December 2009


I love this girls makeup spoofs, i have no idea how she keeps a straight face

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Christmas idea's. I need your help!!

As December is now upon us, and i have not the foggiest of what I should get for christmas, i don't need anything major really so i'm just gonna order some makeup bits. This is where you come in! I need your suggestions of stuff that is a must in any collection. So if you could, that would be lovely :) xxxxx

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Hair History

Lately, whenever i bump into the people i havn't seen in a couple months i keep getting "wow your hairs grown loads!" But the truth is, I'v been growing it since the the short haircut of '05 (i think, my year may be out) As a child i always had a bob (shudders) my mum thought i suited them...sooo anyway my hair grows really slowly so now i am going to show my hair history as best i can...

Soooo, my hairs about chin lengh here, yes i have blonde highlights...i try to forget this memory because i embarress myself. Ithiiiiink this was year 8, i'v been growing my hair since this haircut, i envy people whose hair grows fast.

This is 2 years later from the one above i believe, the highlights have grown out and this is all my natural colour, i havn't dyed my hair in over a year but my natural colour is no longer like this.

This was always referred to as the '<3heart shaped hair' cause it looked like a hair advert for some shampoo that was in the same shape as a heart...i miss this hair :( It looks dark brown but it was purply in real life
Around the same time as the one above, I want to say this was around 07/08 still not a lot of hair growth but still rocking the dark hair.

This is christmas of last year, i have black hair, I pretty much of had the same hair style for years, don't judge, it works for me. Its grown about an inch. This was the last time i dyed my hair, and the results were a bit dodgy as it grew out as.

This is from around May of this year, my hairs blending into my coat a bit but its reaching around the top of the boobs.

Andddd nowwwwwwww, my hairs such a mix of colours, dark brown, light browns, caramels, red, gingerr and light brown :)

I now realise, I am the most boring person in the world, oh dear. Whats your hair history?

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


The lovely Sarah (I heart cosmetics) is having a Christmas giveaway with some really nice go ahead and check it out! xxxxx

In other news, i left my vibrating mascara at my friends house and i feel lost without it. I now realise how much i truly love that mascara :(