Friday, 9 October 2009


so i completely and utterly convinced myself that i wasn't going to buy maybellines pulse perfection mascara.....that went well. I bought 2 mascaras within 7 days, butt i reasoned the purchase with a) cheaper than the lancome version and b)it was a good addition to my collection and c) i might as well throw my review into the blogging world. Bit lame but those reasons worked on my judgement! :)

[ignore the awful quality D:]

So as of late, most of my mascaras have had plastic wands, but with the colossal it has a big brush, with none of that plastic comb type andd maaan i forgot how much i prefer this type of wand. (my mind has completely died and this is not coming out right, i can't find the right words :( ) It kinda reminds me of max factors false lash effect mascara, but i didn't like that much and gave it to my sister, i guess its also kind of similar to benefits bad gal but i didn't like that one much either, i definitely prefer this one over them 2, i find it makes my lashes look tonnes longer and i really love to add lots of coats and aah my lashes just look so long.

With the pulse perfection, i read that at first some people struggled to get the technique down, but i was like a duck in water! :') I find it really easy to use and (Oh! i remembered my other justification for the buy, i ran out of ...i can't remember now, but the green tubed mascara that's basically the same as this and i always liked that mascara) mm so yeah i generally use this in the morning cause i just think its dead fast to use and I'm always running late. If i ave time i like to use both of these together and it just makes my eye look KAPOWWWW, mannn alive, I've been really ill lately and this entire post makes no sense..i do realise ahaha.

I really struggled to get this review out, i think my brain has melted, but i am really liking both of these mascaras, i recommend both! The yellow one especially cause its only like £7 i think....

Sarah xxxx

++Oh and the 'green tubed' mascara i couldn't remember the name of is define-a-lash

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  1. I always buy too much mascara and justify it to myself with silly reasons too. lol. Did you find the Colosal flaked much? xo em