Saturday, 19 December 2009


On Friday i broke up for Christmas, i decided to skip out early and do a bit of shopping. I went to check my bank balance expecting to find about £9 in there, imagine my surprise when i found £39, considering i don't have a job, this made me day. So i drew out £20 and trotted off to super drug. I didn't go mad but a few things caught my eye.

The first thing i got was some false lashes, I've never worn them my self but have used them on other people. I only bought a cheapy pair as a tester but this maybe the start of a new obsession, this pair were £3.20.

My next stop was sleek, and I'm looking forward to the little bits I'm getting from Christmas but they had a new limited edition product and i cannot resist them so i picked it up. Its called 'all that glitters' and in the tub it looks gorgeous, however in reality its a bit off a let down, there were 3 colours, gold, silver and pink. But the pink one, the one i got is called cranberry and it comes out red so, anyway its like a creme eyeshadow, but its just glitter in a clear gel really.

As i was about t go pay this nail varnish caught my eye, I've never bought nail varnishes from gosh but i couldn't resist it. The glitter strips are rectangle shape and its in like a clear/grayish polish. It reminds me of Christmas :)

Ooo i also picked up a lilac lipstick from Barry M but i might do a post about that itself. I'm off for Christmas now so there should be a few more decent posts than normal. I know this is a bit late and I've already said this on twitter but congratulations to visual aspects'87, Amber is such a cute little baby! so precious.

Sarah xxoxoo


  1. love the lashes!
    I'm also starting to try them, they look great! and sooo glamourous! it's like you have butterflies on your eyes!

  2. Great haul!

    I think the key is with false lashes, is to start with natural looking ones! cos orelse you just think they look silly! I have some great ones from "Naturalites" which I where pretty much everyday :)