Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Christmas idea's. I need your help!!

As December is now upon us, and i have not the foggiest of what I should get for christmas, i don't need anything major really so i'm just gonna order some makeup bits. This is where you come in! I need your suggestions of stuff that is a must in any collection. So if you could, that would be lovely :) xxxxx


  1. Personally my staple for any make up fiend would be a MAC 109 and 168 brush... they are simply awesome. Also, the Paul and Joe Christmas collection highlighter... its amazing! :)

    I dont know if I helped much, but they are just my loves :)


  2. I just got a clinique foundation and skincare set. It was 40 pounds for them all which is probably the most ive ever spent on make up and skincare stuff, but it's amazing. For all I know you could have lovely skin anyway and not need any help in that area.. but my gosh my skin was terrible, but in just a couple of days it looks really nice so I will continue to go around advertising Clinique products haha :):) xx