Saturday, 28 November 2009

Hair History

Lately, whenever i bump into the people i havn't seen in a couple months i keep getting "wow your hairs grown loads!" But the truth is, I'v been growing it since the the short haircut of '05 (i think, my year may be out) As a child i always had a bob (shudders) my mum thought i suited them...sooo anyway my hair grows really slowly so now i am going to show my hair history as best i can...

Soooo, my hairs about chin lengh here, yes i have blonde highlights...i try to forget this memory because i embarress myself. Ithiiiiink this was year 8, i'v been growing my hair since this haircut, i envy people whose hair grows fast.

This is 2 years later from the one above i believe, the highlights have grown out and this is all my natural colour, i havn't dyed my hair in over a year but my natural colour is no longer like this.

This was always referred to as the '<3heart shaped hair' cause it looked like a hair advert for some shampoo that was in the same shape as a heart...i miss this hair :( It looks dark brown but it was purply in real life
Around the same time as the one above, I want to say this was around 07/08 still not a lot of hair growth but still rocking the dark hair.

This is christmas of last year, i have black hair, I pretty much of had the same hair style for years, don't judge, it works for me. Its grown about an inch. This was the last time i dyed my hair, and the results were a bit dodgy as it grew out as.

This is from around May of this year, my hairs blending into my coat a bit but its reaching around the top of the boobs.

Andddd nowwwwwwww, my hairs such a mix of colours, dark brown, light browns, caramels, red, gingerr and light brown :)

I now realise, I am the most boring person in the world, oh dear. Whats your hair history?


  1. I love your hair! Gah... my mum always made me have a bob as well... now I cut it like that on my own! :p so much easier to manage I think and easier to dry in the mornings :p


  2. i'm in the same boat! my mum made me have short hair as a kid, to "thicken it out" it didn't work... but then i managed to grow it to just under my bra strap at the back, it was barbie blonde and shiney, then (my cousin is a hair dresser, i get her to sort my hair out all the time) i decided i wanted a short chin length bob and died almost black... this was back in February, now it's only just at shoulder length, my hair grows super slow!! i'm trying this new shampoo to make it grow quicker but we'll see.... i'll keep you updated. not that you need it, your hair looks amazing now! x

  3. thanks guyss, i'm always thinking 'i should just chop it all off again' but i don't havbe the guts to go short again xx

  4. Your hair is gorgeous babe.. This looks like fun.. I am defo gona do a hair history later on today.. I used to be VERY CRAZY.. and now I'm boring.. but I like being boring! thanks for stopping by gorgeous :) x

  5. My hair doesn't even grow that fast! I get too bored of waiting for it to grow :o(