Saturday, 26 September 2009

haul, :)!

so i havn't been shopping at all in several weeks, and finally had the chance today. I didn't go into the city centre, just a town about 20 minutes away (st.annes) I needed some pictures printing and stuff for college, but also had moniesss for makeup :) :) When i walked into boots i actually sighed, thats how long its been. Its embarrasing how happy it made me just wandering around :') this is all stuff i got today, bar the nars which i ordered online during the week... be warned, theres a lot of pictures :)

[there are a few other bits and bobs but no ones interested in them]

my highlighting powder got to the stage where you couldn't get any product and i use it everyday and i wasn't sure whether to repurchase or try something different, but 3 for 2! why on earth not!

[you can see what was left and the new chocolatey shaped new one! mmmm]

aandd, i've been considering a new revlon blush for a while, and i used to use the bronzer when i was more tanned and caked it on a bit :| don't judge, anywho, the blushers seem to be a lot nicer formulation, more creamier i guess..

even i feel this is dragging on! I saw this foundation in superdrug, and it was £3!! yes £3! and it matches my skin tone perfectly! Its a glass bottle and everything, wow, value for money, andd then i couldn't decide whether to get this mascara, or the vibrating one, but then i thought, i probably wouldn't use it anyway, i like things simple. I alsooo finally got a chance to see the roll on foundation by l'oreal, and one of the shades mathched amazingly well, but it was sold out, I'm pretty glad actually cause for £15, there wasn't a lot of product, and i can't imagine it working too well.

this is just gosh vitamin booster nail varnish, and sally hansen quick dry topcoat, not much too say...

ANDD FINAALALYY just some hairspray, sponges and a hair clip, again not much to say :)

sarah xxxxx

ohmygodd!! I left off the thing i was most excited to try!!!!

This is an awful picture, butt i don't think i'v seen this before? maybe but its L'oreals renuewal lash serum 'intensive boost for a renewed lash look' I'v never seen anything else about this, has anyone tried it?


  1. Great haul! Im dying to try the L'oreals renewal lash serum! Im very new to blogging and Im loving your posts :D

    Much love!
    Nikki xx

  2. Hey great haul I have sooo many of what you bought great taste I guess lol, drop me a comment sometime xoxo