Saturday, 5 September 2009

tagged for this by emmas got the uglies <3

1. I started college on Friday, and it was amazing, except for i get to see the boy i don't want to see everyday on the bus ¬.¬

2. I spend time making it look like i havn't bothered with my hair at all, when in fact it takes ages.

3. I alwaaaaaaaays get talked to by strangers at bus stops, i must have a friendly face.

4. I'm a bit of an insomniac, takes me hours to fall asleep, and thats generally around 3am, and then i wake up naturally early :(

5. Youtube is how i got into blogging, love watching 'how to & style' videos.

6. I find it really hard to hold conversations with some people, when with others it comes so natually i'm never stuck for words.

7. My best friend is my rock. I think my life would fall apart without her.

8. I am so unhealthy, i eat sosososo much junk and do no excersise :(

9. I'll probably buy anything as long as its cute

10. umm..I babysit for a little girl called Olivia

i tag

viva la fashion
little pixie

aaaaaaand everyone else. New post/ haul/ update comingg sooooon xxxxx


  1. you thought of tenn (:
    You just thinnk you dontt want to see the boy!(:(:(:

  2. ohh noo, definately don't want to see him, he messed me around and is a bit of a wanker :P

  3. congrats! and i think that's funny that you have a friendly face. but its better than having an unfriendly face, right? :)

  4. Thanks for tagging me! :)