Wednesday, 16 September 2009

hellooooo xx

feel like i'm neglecting my blog, still reading everyone elsess thoughhh but i'v just been mad tired ALL the time lately cause of college :( so i guess i might do some in's and out's of this week to fill some time and make it seem like i'm not dead.


- Going to an 18th on Friday, for some much needed 'time to let my hair down' andd my best friends staying at mine for a much more needed catch up time!

- Carmex lip balm, the one in the little tub. I'v had it forver but never liked the way it made my lips feel, but i love it now! I just wish the tingle lasted longer.

- Law- pretty much loving that subject right now, my teacher is amazing.

-(also college related)Some of the friends i'v made :) Going to a no place basically knowing no one was really daunting, but some of the people there are amazing, the boys in my tutorial are amazing, they are like the older brothers i never had and they brighten up my day.

-trying to get my diet undercontrol, i love the feeling of being hungry and not stuffing my face with chocolate. overcome those cravings!


-my photography teacher is a bit of a sap, which means i don't look forward to the class as much butttt i'm basically doing my first project on beauty which means makeup, which is all good!

-my insomniacism meaning i don't get to sleep till late and then i oversleep by an hour, meaning i have 15 minutes to get ready instead of an hour or whatever, and then not getting in till half 5, normally.

-Missing my girlies :(

-Having a massive wish list of things i really reaaly reaaalllyy want to add to my collection but not having the funds for it :(

-Nice heels costing around £60 :(

thatss it i guesss. Love youus! xxxxxx


  1. i hear you about the expensive heels. :)

  2. Glad you're enjoying college! :D It takes some people ages to fit in and adapt to college after school but sounds like you've done proper well xxx

  3. I awarded you! :)
    So check er' out!
    Hope you like it :)