Monday, 9 November 2009

This is stuff that i regret buying/stuff i was disappointed in....
Let me know the stuff you regretted buying, it always interest me haha xxx

firstlyyyy, bourjouis rouge hi-tech

Everything about this disappoints, the pigmentation's weak, streaky, didn't apply well. Blahh, i even tried loading this on to my sister and she didn't want it, and she never says no to free makeup haha!

GOSH mousse foundation thing on 01 ivory

me and mousse foundations have never got on, i find them drying and cakey and this one lives up to that. I got this in the palest shade available and it still quite dark in my opinion :/

mac dazzle lash. ifoph[iosh laaaaame. definitely not worth it..Look at that brush!! I hateee this

there are more things but the uploady thing is being annoying so I'll just leave it at this. What do you regret?

Sarah xxxxxx


  1. I'm not a fan of mousse products either - I find them too weird to use. xxx

  2. I bought a Gosh liquid liner in this red colour, but it looks like somebody punched me in the eye when I wear it! lol xo em

  3. I really REALLY regret buying a GOSH face primer, it did nothing but make my face look greasy and dirty!
    i've nominated you for a blog award :)

    R xx

  4. i hate spending money on stuff and then they just disappoint me. :(

  5. I agree with the burjois lip thing! I got the darker colour and i hate it.. duno why I bought it lol! such a waste hey!