Monday, 31 August 2009

Ins and outs


-Doing well in my results and getting extremly messy afterwards
-Starting college on friday :D
-Unexpededly getting money
-Shopping tomorrow with my bestieeee


-Having to wake up early again on friday after 10 weeks off
-Leaving behind all my friends, bar one, who is going to the same college as me
-Leaving behind my best friend :(
-Always spending my money as soon as i get it

Now going to bore you with some picturess of the people i'm going to miss the most :(

[don't think, just because boys can do piggybacks with 2 people, that girls can :(]


[my 2 becca's]

[gonna miss eversingle one of these stunners :(]


  1. Going to college must me soo excited and nerve-racking!
    I wish my school had cool uniforms like yours does! lol :)

  2. yeah i am so excited but equally nervous at the same time! Those uniforms were a pain in my arse! ahah xx