Tuesday, 25 August 2009

tag- the list

couldn't resist doing this ;)

1. Robert Pattinson

I know some people find him repulsive, but i think he is gorgeous! I turn into a bit of a fangirl, i even have 2 posters of him in my room aah. Anything twilight related is kind of my guilty pleasure

2. Kellan Lutz

Might aswell involve the whole lot of the twilighters hehe, i normally prefer skinny boys but look at that body!

3. George Craig

Not only does he play guitar and sing (one night only) but he's a burberry model! I also have a major thing for boys hair, and his is lovely.

4. Adam Brody

just from the O.C. mmmmm

5. Jackson Rathbone

Cause he has a lovely accent, and plays music aswell.

6. Rupert Grint

always had a bit of a thing for gingers, i always get laughed at for this one but hey! its my list.

Well anyway, thats mine, i enjoyed doing it even if it made me feel like a tween ahah. Other people do it so i can see your list! xxxxx


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  2. oh boy! i deffo agree with Adam Brody! love him(L):D

  3. I love robert, kellan and OMG RUPERT! He's such a heart throb. I just want to eat him up.
    You have good taste!