Tuesday, 11 August 2009

ofotd and reviews

Tried St.Moriz last night, when i pumped it out i was quite worried because it looked reaaally dark, i persevered and while it does look natural on my legs, there was some streaking but then again that was my first time fake tanning in a year so it might just be my technique. I washed my hands straight after doing each limb and it has darkened them slightly. I noticed no smell at all which is a big plus and it did try really quite fast. I don't think i will use it all the time but its good for adding some natural colouring. Also tried collection 2000s nail varnish, you definately need two coats, with one coat it was so thin. I tend to do quite thick coats so it did take a long time to dry which dissapointed me because its meant to be fast drying. The colour pay off is good though, and at £2, its a good purchase.

So i'm going out to meet some friends later, the weathers been quite wishy washy lately, so it might rain, but then it might be really hot. This makes dressing really quite hard but neverthe less here is my outfit of the day

The top is off my best friend and its from george and i'm wearing black leggings from tescos aswell. I like it :)

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