Monday, 24 August 2009


So i went into town today with £25 in my hand, on the hunt for a gel eyeliner, did i find one? No. Did i spend all my money? Yes! i'l just have to put off that hunt for a while and save up for a mac one like i suspected i might have too. Annywaayy, i aways find it amazing when you go shopping in the week. I was in town by about 10:15 i think, and i went into primark and it looked pristine! No clothes on the floor, not hundreds of girls trawelling through the racks. I didn't go into look at the clothes though, i thought i'd have a quick look at there makeup (its cheap and not completely rubbish!) and they have a new line in i guess thats inspired by Roy Lichtenstein, all pop arty. Takes me back to my art prep work :'). Annyywhoo at a pound a piece i thought why not just get something, i got an eyeshadow and a gel eyeliner, i did swatches, not brilliant but then i knew it wouldn't be soo...but the 'Trust dust' in Lily has the weirdessssst application, well its not weird but i don't like it at all, give me a simple pot and i am happy. Its a pearly white, but everytime you put the application want back in a waft of the eyeshadow goes everywhere, i may depot it into a pot..The eyeliner is mediocre as well but its another colour i didn't have so i don't mind. I know i'v said in previous posts how i prefer superdrug over boots, but i decided today i would look in boots..and i hated it. My best friend works there and i worked there briefly and she'd probably shoot me if she read this, but i just cannot stay longer than 5 minutes in there. So off i went to superdrug too look for the eyeliner, there wasn't one so i got the L'oreal studio secrets anti- redness primer at £8, £2 off at intraductory offer. Now me being my ocd self wanted to make sure i spent a full £10 not just spend the £8 so i got a collection 2000 eyeliner in purple passion 29. Then again, i ended up spending £22 cause i finnaaaallllyy got the gosh brush i have looked at every single time i go in superdrugs, its annoying me that i cannot find the sleeve to tell you the name, but anyway thats it!

+ found the sleeve and the brush is the light weight duo fibre brush :)

sorry for boring you xxxxx

[just a swatch of the primer]

[the eyeliner in purple passion, foiled again liquid eyeliner and trust dust in lily]

[just so you can see the aplicator]


  1. you should really try some of sleek's gel eyeliners! they have such a good range of colours, i think theyre about £3-something? and they have seriously good staying power and pigmentation!

  2. Could you do a review of the primer I was thinking about buying it, would you recommend it?
    I followed!!

  3. i'll do one tomorrow! thanks for the followwxxx