Thursday, 20 August 2009


do you ever find that you buy something, that you don't need. the other week i bought the l'oreal primer thing i talked about below, when about 3 weeks before that, i bought eyeko face cream thing. I'm not saying they are even remotely similar when you compare them, but i could of made do with that, in all honestly, I've hardly used it. Another example is the mac mascara i bought about 3 weeks ago as well, then the day before yesterday i buy the telescopic one. Sometimes i just know that i shouldn't buy anything, thinking of all the money I'd be saving..but i just can't help myself.

:) little rant at myself xxx


  1. Haha I really like your rants about make up, they're ace :) I used to be obsessed with it as well, I think I was in Superdrug more than my own house at one point of me life lol. x

  2. your my first follower! you'v made me so happy :D thankyou!! xx