Sunday, 9 August 2009

body shop

So while reading lollipop26's blog the other day i saw that if you purchased instyle magazine you got two free eyeliners from bodyshop. I didn't think anyting of it for a few days and then i remebered that i adore bodyshop at the minute! I went in for the first time in absolutely ages last week when i was in cambridge and i was nearly drooling over the products (well not drooling but you get the idea) I'm currently feeling the lust for their foundation brushes, like a big kabuki brush, i currently own a baby kabuki brush but i might as well be using a pile of twigs incomparision to body shops one, it was so soft but i held back.

Plus it was £14.65 i didn't have. Also while in there i looked at the shimmer cubes, i'v been hearing really good things about these but at £15.65 aswell i feel like its a big investment for such a small looking product ( i know your probably thinking £15.65 for a quad is not a big investment, but when £5 is a big investment to me catch my drift) So i left empty handed, but with a few things added to my wish list, hopefully i will be making some purchases there soon but these two eyeliners will have to tide me over till then. I got the black and the blue and i'v only done some swatches but so far i am impressed, they seem really creamy and soft and will go on a treat. :)


  1. I want their Kabuki brush and shimmer cubs too! They look so great! :)

  2. everytime i go into town i look at them, and always walk away empty handed :(