Sunday, 30 August 2009

L'Oreal studio secrets review

anti-redness primer

I've never had a product even similar to this, and it was at an introductory offer so i got it. The formulation is like a liquid foundation, and i wasn't sure which method was the best way to apply it, so i went with small dabs on my red patches and patted it into the skin with my fingers. It does work, but not to a great extent, it did make my skin less red, but only slightly but it made my skin look really dull and it made my skin tone look really odd. Paying £10 though for a product that kinda works seems silly to me, i don't regret buying it but i know I'm not going to get tonnes of use out of it, a plus is that you do get a lot of product, well 20ml, it seems like a lot in the tub. I've not had this product for too long, so i will persevere and try and figure it out but so far i am underwhelmed.

Smoothing resurfacing primer

I LOVE THIS! I've been babbling about this product to anyone who will listen, i am so impressed. I've made a size able dent in mine already and i know for sure i will be repurchasing. Many people have commented on how they find the texture really odd, and it is different but i really like it, its really thick and creamy, but once on the skin it just makes your whole face feel lovely and silky. You don't need a lot, it spreads really well and it works! I get really bad breakouts on my forehead all the time, and this really helps in the process of hiding that, my friend commented that you could hardly see the spots, and there were a lot..maybe she was lying :) By far the best primer I've ever tried, its a staple product for me now.

Have you tried any of the studio secrets range? What do you think?

Sarah xxxx


  1. I love make-up. I should have that, too. :)

  2. what make is the second primer you talked about? how much as well? i need a primer, i've never bought one before though x

  3. its L'oreal aswell, and i think its about £10 :) xxx

  4. Yay, I'm glad you like the primer - I bought it yesterday but haven't used it yet. £9.99 for such a small pot though (and that's with £3 off!) - ouch!

  5. i got mine for £1 cause it had a mark on the bottom! Bargain!