Thursday, 20 August 2009


This is bit of a haul from the past week or so, there are a few things missing, particularly my new glitter eyeliner i picked up from body shop that i fell in love with. The day after i got it i left it at my best friends house :( That was a week ago now, but she informs me she's used it and she thinks its an amazing product as well! Anywhooo, so yeah theres also a lot of facial products i got that i couldn't find when i took this picture but nevermiiind. So i went into my city centre with about £30 and an hour to do a quick shop. I find myself at the minute not even bothering going into Boots, but heading for super drug. I find its a lot quieter and you don't get interrupted every 5 minutes asking if your okay, not that i don't appreciate help if i asked but i enjoy looking on my own :) So in super drug i got the elite SMARTi gloss in banana. Now i hate bananas and i didn't bother looking at the name, i just fell in love with the colour, so imagine my distress when i got home and realised i wasn't going to be able to enjoy this product, but after trying it on i realised that the scent is not bad at all, i even enjoy it a bit, it reminds me of pineapples not bananas, so the other makeup item i got from super drug was l'oreals studio secrets professional, its a smoothing resurfacing primer and it was undoubteably the bargain of the day. I looked at it at the display for l'oreal and a really liked the texture of the product, but it was £12.99, so i walked away, but when i get to the reduced stock part, i found it was a £1! because there was some marks on the bottom! I snapped it up fast. I keep forgetting to use it but when i use it i think it does work, it does "feel resurfaced" (a quote from the add campaign for the product). I also got a cosmopolitan lip brush in debenhams for a couple of pounds. i am really enjoying all the sales at the minute! My sister also got me the two pairs of earrings from topshop as a random present, bless her! When i got home i realised my eyeslipsface stuff had arrived, i am so so so impressed with there shipping. I ordered the day before at about 11am ish and normally i expect to wait a few days at least. I only ordered 3 things from the studio range as I've never purchased from them before and the ranges been getting some really good reviews. I got an eyelash curler cause m old one broke a while ago and I've been meaning to get one for agesss. I also got the eyebrow kit and the blush and bronzer compact. I know its been said but the packaging really does resemble nars bronzers, and thats not a bad thing really is it. I've only really used the blush from the two cause my paleness sometimes just makes my face look dirty when i do use bronzer but i will give it a go eventually. With the brow kit i think its just gonna take me a while to get my technique down cause the times I've done it I've not been 100% satisfied.

Then yesterday i got abit makeup happy and went on abit of a spree, i got an Eco tools eyeliner brush and a blush brush which i am liking so far, also picked up some concealer and the telescopic mascara. Also got two collection 200o l'orealnail varnishes for £3 i think. I got BMXbandit and button moon. Is that not the best nail varnish name you've ever heard?!

[its looks blue, but its really a minty green]

[bmx bandit, its like a lilacy-purple ish]

I just realised this is quite a lot of rambling, sorry xxx.

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